The Church at Liberty Park

The Church at Liberty Park was founded in 1886 in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, Alabama. As Woodlawn Baptist Church, it flourished and grew there for many decades, at one point becoming one of the largest churches in the state with more than 1,700 in weekly attendance. By the early 1990s, however, the church had experienced significant numerical decline and began to explore other ministry options in the greater Birmingham area.

After much prayer and searching for God's will, a determined congregation concluded that God was not finished with them yet. In 1994, this visionary group chose to relocate to Liberty Park, a new community being established in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Moving to an area that was then mostly wooded forestland, the church trusted God to bring in a harvest as the neighborhood grew around them. At that time, the church also changed their name to Liberty Park Baptist Church in order to connect with their new community.

In November 2017, the church began an exciting new chapter by calling Randy Overstreet as Pastor. Pastor Randy came with extensive experience in church planting and leadership. While planting Double Oak Community Church in 2005, Pastor Randy learned what is essential to grow a healthy church. After growing Double Oak to an average attendance of over 1,000, raising up his successor, and passing the baton, Pastor Randy used his experience to help other churches become healthy and grow through his work as the National Ambassador to Pastors for the North American Mission Board and though serving as Transitional Pastor at churches such as Westwood Baptist Church in Alabaster, Alabama and Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

After his arrival, Pastor Randy led the church to glorify God and to seek the good of our community. In February 2018, Pastor Randy cast a vision to create an intentional strategy to reach those in our community and region who are far from God. Seeking to remove any barriers that might prevent those who are far from God or those seeking a church in our community from attending our church and hearing the Gospel, the church voted to change the name from Liberty Park Baptist Church to The Church at Liberty Park in June 2018. The name change was an intentional and strategic change designed to remove barriers but does not reflect a denominational change. The church’s statement of faith and doctrinal stance remain Baptist and we continue to partner with Baptist entities like the Southern Baptist Convention, the North American Mission Board, and the International Mission Board.

Today, we continue to live out our biblical mission: to glorify God and make disciples by inviting our community to enjoy fulfilling lives in Christ. As we minister in Christ's name, we strive to worship God, enjoy community with one another, and share the good news of the Gospel with those in our community and around the world.